invocation october


We thank God for providing this opportunity to engage in our organization activities in this peaceful and pleasant venue.

As our country recovers from the ravages of nature we pray for all affected and ask God to provide the assistance necessary to replace and restore all.

In this month of October which is considered Respect for life Month, we as a country responded and highlighted positive efforts. As we acknowledge those efforts we celebrate Italian American Heritage month remembering Columbus Day which is still celebrated and acknowledged.

There have been many examples of our unity and compassion found in dire straits resulting from those forces of nature beyond our control. Still we persisted with perseverance solving all.

As we struggle to resolve current issues we pause to remember George C. Marshal who received the Nobel Peace prize in 1953. He said the most important thing for the world today is a spiritual regeneration that would establish a feeling of good faith among men generally.

We pray for all who have gone to their final reward and pray for all ill and unable to be here today. We pray as always for all in our armed forces serving throughout the world encouraging their safety and success in all their endeavors. Amen.

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