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Trump's Re-Election Speech was a Triumph

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Guest Speaker

Wayne Allyn Root

President’s Letter

Dear Friends:
Happy New Year!  2020 is set to be one of the busiest for the Nevada Republican Club.  Our Board looks forward to keeping our members informed of current events and important Republican meetings, giving our members opportunities to meet and support Republican candidates, and engaging with the community to educate potential members about our conservative values.  If you like what we are doing as a Club and you enjoy our monthly luncheons, spread the word and bring a friend to our monthly luncheons!  If you have suggestions on social activities for the Club, please let us know by emailing Frank Santora, our hard-working membership vice president, at  This Club is dedicated to our members and we look forward to growing this election season.   Elections need volunteers and if you are able to devote about 5 hours a month to helping us turn Nevada red, please let Frank know as well as we are planning social & network opportunities while volunteering.  We are excited to present April Becker & Carrie Buck, candidates for State Senate, and we hope you will come to our February luncheon so you can personally meet and greet them!


Pauline Lee
President, Nevada Republican Club