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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Guest Speaker

Dr. Jesus Jara

May 2019 President’s Letter

Dear Friends:
When you turn on the News or social media lately, you hear a stream of conflicting reports of Republicans attacking other Republicans, moderates turning on conservatives, and conservatives vilifying moderates. The Fake News enjoy painting a picture of total chaos in conservative circles, with the persecution of Attorney General Barr as their favorite news headline. As Conservatives, why do we stoop to the level of Fake News and believe any of these headlines? Why do any of us engage in gossip and rumor meant to tear apart the Republican Party? We need to stop categorizing intellectual discussion as inner turmoil, and celebrate our commonalities as conservatives. We need to remain faithful to the tenets of limited government, free enterprise, fair and equal taxation, national defense, secure borders and defense of our Second Amendment Rights. If we disagree with each other, we should do it with intellectual integrity, courtesy and civility. Civil discussion can bring us together because we usually can find consensus on certain issues. Intellectual discussion is what makes the Club a special place. Where else can you ask our civic leaders and civil servants questions about their vision, execution and policies? What drives us as Club members is the chance to learn from civic leaders and engage in civil discussion with these leaders and our Club members. United we stand as a Club and united we should stand as a Party.

With respect,
Pauline Lee