Who We Are

About Nevada Republican Club

The Nevada Republican Club has been bringing conservatives together in Las Vegas since 1981 to showcase Republican principles and American exceptionalism.

The purpose of the Nevada Republican Club is to:

  • educate our members on current events, issues and policies.
  • promote sound, honest and ethical government at all levels,
  • elect Republican candidates, and
  • suggest leadership for the Clark County Republican Party.

The Nevada Republican Club believes strongly in the following conservative tenants:

  • Love of God
  • Private Property Rights
  • Fair and Equal Taxation
  • Personal Freedom and Responsibility
  • Support for the United States Constitution
  • Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  • Limited Federal Government
  • Limited Government Spending
  • Capitalism and a Free Market Economy
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • National Defense
  • Secure Borders.

The Nevada Republican Club is led by a volunteer board who meet monthly to manage the club’s activities.  The board organizes activities to create awareness of conservative political issues so that a greater number of Clark County residents can be educated on these issues.  It is the club’s hope that our members and event attendees will then participate in further conversations with their friends, family and colleagues and share our conservative point of view.   We wish to educate and inform so that more and more Republican candidates are elected and that Nevada stays RED.

In addition to our Monthly Luncheons, the Club creates awareness and educates others via our monthly Newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter account and by including new updates to this website.

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