End of WWII


We thank God for the opportunity to meet today encouraging blessings and divine guidance in our activities. In this month of September we are afforded the opportunity to acknowledge those events that highlight our country’s stature in the world.

Significant is September 2, 1945 VJ Day when Japan signed the formal’ surrender of World War 2. We celebrate Nov. 11, Patriots’ Day, a national day of service and remembrance. Our Star Spangled Banner written by Francis Scott Key in 1814 following the approval of our constitution in 1787. We pause once again to remember September 21st Pow /Mia recognition Day’honoring those that were lost and never recovered in various military serving throughout the world. Finally on September 29th we celebrate VFW day
established in 1899.

We pray for the continued guidance for our leaders and statesmen to encourage vision and courage in all future endeavors striving to advance our country’s stature in the world, Amen.

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