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We thank God for the opportunity to meet today as we approach Dec 7th National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. As a young country we applied the resources of our country to pursue a positive constructive role in the world resulting in the ultimate conclusion of World War 11 December 31, 1946. We progressed in the following years, bringing us to Dec 31, 1946, the end of World War 2. In all the intervening year we as a new major country were able to achieve positive results leading us to advance and achieve our stature as a world power.

Our local organization achieved positive results in all the I intervening years. We offer our individual and collective apparatus for the collective efforts of all in the constant goal for peace and prosperity for all.

We offer our prayers for the rapid recover and replacement of all as they struggle to recover from the recent devastations in parts of our country.

We offer our prayers for the Protection and safety for our armed forces serving throughout the world Amen.

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