How has Obamacare Changed Nevada Healthcare?

One of the most pressing issues for voters across the country this November, including those in Nevada, was the future of the country’s health care. Over the last few years, the President’s signature law—Obamacare—has proven to be an unequivocal disaster, delivering on none of its promises and fulfilling the worst-case scenarios its critics warned us about.

However, if you haven’t followed the law closely, then you may not be aware of exactly how damaging Obamacare has been, particularly for citizens of Nevada. Learn more about how Obamacare has changed Nevada healthcare, why it must be repealed and replaced and how you can help the Nevada Republican put an end to this disastrous law.

Premiums Are Going Up

Probably the biggest promise that was made about Obamacare when it was rammed through in 2010 was that it was guaranteed to cut costs. In fact, since the bill has been implemented, the opposite has been true. Premiums have risen drastically with no end in sight, increasing healthcare costs for citizens across Nevada.

There is almost no state where premiums have fallen, and many have exceeded projected numbers. For example, with Obamacare in place, premiums in Nevada have risen almost 8%, and are expected to continue to rise. Because government programs like Obamacare stifle competition, there is no chance premiums will fall while the bill is in place, making it imperative that conservatives in Nevada unite in opposition of this law.

Private Insurers Are Leaving the Program

Another way that Obamacare is altering Nevada’s healthcare is due to its lack of support from the nation’s largest insurance providers. Earlier this year, Aetna, one of America’s biggest insurance companies, announced plans to withdraw from the Obamacare exchanges in the coming year, which came right on the heels of a similar announcement from insurance titan Humana.

With so many top insurer’s pulling out of the law, residents of Nevada have fewer insurance coverage options, and now see their coverage reduced and their costs skyrocketing. While Obamacare’s supporters may be quick to blame the insurers, they had no choice but to withdraw from this failed law with its onerous regulations that harmed the ability of insurance companies to operate.

Medical Access is Going Down

Lastly, because of Obamacare’s often arbitrary rules about how physicians and medical institutions are reimbursed for their services, many long-time doctors, nurses and healthcare facilities are limiting their number of new patients. What this means for residents of Nevada is reduced access to the healthcare they so sorely need.

As healthcare access goes down, it becomes almost impossible for vulnerable citizens such as the elderly to get the healthcare they deserve. The only way to improve healthcare outcomes for citizens in Nevada and across the country is to totally repeal Obamacare and allow the free market to work for Americans.


Join the Republican Men’s Club

As you can see, Obamacare is one of the most damaging laws to ever be inflicted on the American people, and the only way to get rid of it is for Nevada republicans to support President Elect Trump’s efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. This is another reason you should join the Nevada Republican Men’s Club today.

The Republican Men’s Club is dedicated to fighting for your freedom, and you can help us by joining our ranks. Contact us today for more information.

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