Invocation June 2018


We thank God for the opportunity to meet today in the peaceful environment of our activities. We pray for the rapid recovery and rebuilding of the havoc and destruction caused by the recent forces of nature resulting in flooding and devastation
for many in that area of our country. We pray for Devine guidance leading to positive advancement and repair for all.

As we move through the period of change in our government by virtue of the current general elections, we pray for Devine guidance leading to positive results for our county. In this month of November we celebrate the signing of World War 1 Armistice Day declaring also Nov. 11 Veterans Day encouraging the valiant contribution of those war veterans. The Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign War, sometime taken for granted, were a contributing factor in assisting our defenders. We pause to remember the 400,000 who served and died in World War 11. More than 16 million members of the armed forces are honored by the World War 11 Memorial, which is flanked by the Washington Memorial on the east and the Lincoln memorial on the west.

Bless and guide our armed forces as they serve to protect and advance the unending effort for peace for all, Amen.

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