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California: A State of Emergency and Warning to Nevada

By Mike Colian

Many people have seen the fires and blackouts in California and wondered how could this
happen? How could one of the wealthiest states in the country have such massive infrastructure
problems and how could the state allow its residents to be put at such continuous risk? Former
Governor Jerry Brown and current Governor Gavin Newsom should answer those questions but
they won’t. It starts with decades of liberal politics. Former Governor Jerry brown allowed PG&E,
California’s largest utility company, to operate with impunity. For years the state has focused its
energy on things like banning plastic straws and providing free healthcare for illegal immigrants
instead of protecting people from the dangers of its crumbling infrastructure.

The entire city of Paradise CA. was decimated last year due to a fire caused by PG&E. This fire killed
85 people. Soon after, Governor Gavin Newsom passed laws to protect the utility. PG&E is
headquartered in San Francisco where Newsom was mayor and has contributed hundreds of
thousands of dollars to Newsom campaigns. These laws allowed PG&E to raise rates and essentially
pass the estimated $15-30 billion dollars in damages and lawsuits on to the people of California.
Instead of letting capitalism run its course the utility has been propped up with years of state
backed incentives and legal protection. The socialist mindset that has taken over the state likes to
place the blame on “evil corporations” such as PG&E and not the Democrats that have controlled
state politics for decades. As someone who grew up in California it sickens me to see its noticeable
deterioration every time I return home. The Silicon Valley where I lived has the kind of tax revenue
that most municipalities and counties would dream of, yet somehow it is squandered through
mismanagement. The freeways used to be immaculate. Now they are crumbling and are lined with
tents and makeshift shacks of the homeless.

Governor Newsom recently repealed a law that made it a crime to not assist a police officer when
you are able and capable of doing so. A law that was seldom enforced if ever but a meaningless slap
in the face to California peace officers. To agencies that the governor receives 24/7 armed
protection from like the California Highway Patrol.

This is what they want for our children. To be raised to fear police and military personnel instead of
to respect them. To be raised without religion. To believe in science unless it contradicts their
beliefs. Unless it proves things like gender assignment isn’t a manmade mental constraint. Unless it
proves increased homeless populations lead to worsening public health conditions. Or that the
ozone layer is fully repaired. 50% of the United States homeless population live in California and the
golden state has the worst air quality of any state in the nation. Residents are fleeing the state in
record numbers. Hundreds of thousands of Californians have moved to Nevada over the last couple
of years and they are voting like Californians. This should concern everyone who wants what’s best
for Nevada. They have said these fires and blackouts are the new norm for residents there. This
continual path of destruction is the new norm for Democrats. This is their goal for the entire
country. This is California: A state of emergency and warning to Nevada


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