Republican Party Organizations

Clark County Republican Party (CCRP)

The Clark County Republican Party exists to provide oversight and direction to the Nevada GOP. The organization is run by a Central Committee Executive Board made up of 21 elected officers and 14 elected County Commission District representatives. The Clark County Republican Party is tasked with writing the Clark County Republican Party Platform, appointing members of the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee, running our bi-annual caucus events and Clark County Convention, and keeping the general public aware of all thins Republican.

David Sajdak is the current chairperson.

Nevada Republican Party

This website is for the Nevada Republican Party. Current Chairman is Michael McDonald

National Republican Committee

All the info you need to stay informed. Includes trending info, updates on the National Convention, the candidates, blog posts and even an “Official GOP Store” where you can purchase an “official GOP stars and stripes bow tie”, vintage campaign pins, cups, mugs and glasses and tons of stickers.