Republican Party Organizations

Clark County Republican Party (CCRP)

The Clark County Republican Party exists to unify and educate citizens regarding current political issues and successfully motivate them through a call to action to elect Republican candidates. We will achieve this through outreach and alignment of all local Republican groups and individuals creating and communicating a common platform of principles and goals, encouraging citizens to donate and hold key official positions focused on driving voter turnout and insuring election integrity.

Chairman Jesse Law

Nevada Republican Party

The purpose of Nevada Republican Party shall be:

A. To provide the statutory leadership of the Nevada Republican Party as directed in the Nevada Revised statutes;
B. To recruit, develop, and elect representative government at the national, state and local levels;
C. To promote sound, honest and representative government at the national, state and local levels;
D. To preserve and protect the dignity, rights, freedom and liberty of the individual citizen.

Michael McDonald is the current Chairperson

David Sadjak is the current Chairperson.

Republican National Committee

All the info you need to stay informed. Includes trending info, updates on the National Convention, the candidates, blog posts and even an “Official GOP Store” where you can purchase an “official GOP stars and stripes bow tie”, vintage campaign pins, cups, mugs and glasses and tons of stickers.

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