Friday morning, my office took crucial action aimed at combating a major threat to the safety of all Nevadans - the ongoing problem of sanctuary cities in the State of California.
When discussing sanctuary cities, we should never forget that this is an issue of ensuring public safety, maintaining law and order, and making sure that our communities are safe places for our families and individuals. So let's be clear: Those who support the practice of allowing sanctuary cities to exist are launching a direct and outrageous assault on all three of those priorities.
And they're placing politics ahead of people. It's dangerous, and it needs to stop.
That's why I'm proud to join attorneys general from nine other states in filing an important friend-of-the-court brief that urges the dismissal of a California-based challenge to a federal-government executive order on sanctuary cities.
Because California is right next door, its sanctuary cities pose a genuine danger to Nevadans - particularly given those cities' refusal on some occasions to detain illegal aliens with violent criminal histories, releasing them instead into communities where they have no right to be.
Fortunately, Nevada policymakers - including legislators, sheriffs and municipal leaders - have wisely and consistently rejected this absurd and reckless approach. But make no mistake: The practice of allowing sanctuary cities to exist right in a neighboring state not only undermines the rule of law; it also threatens the safety of our own people here in Nevada.
The federal executive order aims to uphold our national immigration laws by denying federal grants to local jurisdictions that "willfully refuse" to comply with those laws (except in cases where necessary for law-enforcement purposes). Multiple California cities are challenging the order, and the legal battle continues today.
The unlawful actions of these California cities cannot be allowed to stand. They pose a clear and direct threat to public safety here in Nevada, and that's why it was so important that my office take action on this crucial issue.
I will keep you posted on further developments in our efforts, but rest assured - protecting our people remains my top priority, and my office will continue to use all available means to defend Nevadans against the threat that sanctuary cities pose to our safety and to the rule of law.
Thanks for reading, and for all your support.
-Adam Laxalt