We thank Almighty God for the opportunity to meet today in these pleasant surroundings as we approach the anniversary of the Dec 7th attack on our country. We recall the unified efforts of many in the world resulting in positive results for all.

History clearly illustrates that we as a country applied its resources and historic leadership to guide the entire world toward a more unified and peaceful end demonstrating actions leading to the rebuilding for all.

At this time we express our appreciation for the measured and successful efforts of our own organization officers and directors who persisted and produced a positive result and encourage our incoming leadership to continue these constructive efforts.

As we approach the year end Christmas celebrations we encourage our leadership to pursue courses leading to constructive and unified efforts throughout the world for all countries and leadership, hopefully resulting in positive and prosperous success.

We pray for all in our armed forces serving throughout the world , that their efforts will be accepted and applied in terms leading to constructive ends for all concerned. Amen