Today our monthly meeting occurs on the current election day. We thank God for this opportunity to once again pursue this annual ritual. The signing of world War 1 Armistice on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year would cause us to reflect on the contribution of our veterans who continue to pursue peace to this day. We are blessed with a constitution provided by Devine guidance through leadership in our country, spearheaded by former leaders including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, to mention a few who pursued that initial effort. We are encouraged with the view that the Good Lord guides our destiny responding to our daily prayers.

Later in this month we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, set aside to grant us the opportunity to thank God for all that is provided. We offer our prayers for all members ill and unable to be here today and for all who have gone to their final reward.

We pray for the rapid recovery of all former men and women of our armed forces recovering from war injuries.

We pray for all in our armed force serving throughout the world for their success in all their endeavors Amen