We thank God or the opportunity to meet today in the peaceful and pleasant surroundings in a world engulfed in a myriad of world wide issues currently affecting the world in general.

Our country created August 17, 1787, just 300 years ago endured a a number of issues challenging our very existence. Gratefully we were and are blessed with myriad of leaders in the intervening year guiding the advancement our country in all areas.

In this month of September we acknowledge the anniversary of VJ day Sept 2nd, the anniversary of the Japanese signing the formal surrender in 1945. We pray and reflect on remembrance the gold Star mothers day Sept 30th. As a relatively new country in this great world we are reminded of our survival and persistent advancement in a world besieged with constant turmoil and problems.

We pray for all former members who have gone to their final reward and pray for all ill and unable to be here today. We pray for all in our armed forces serving throughout the world for their safety and success in all their endeavors. Amen.