May 2017 Cili's Luncheon

Just around the corner is election year 2018.  As the many Republican candidates gear up for local, State and Federal legislative seats, your inbox is likely flooded with emails inviting you to a multitude of campaign launches, fundraisers & “Meet the Candidate” events.

The sheer number of events is mind-boggling and calendar-busting.  Personally, it’s a challenge keeping abreast of the many fundraising events, which is why the NRMC has chosen to post all events for Republicans on its website so that we can help our party keep track of these events.  Many fellow Republicans are reluctant to attend these events, citing lack of money, time and energy.  Many more of them would rather wait until after the primary to commit to attend any of these events.

However, waiting after the primary shortcuts their education and research process as Republicans.  This is THE OPTIMAL TIME to get to know the candidates and figure out what distinguishes one candidate from another.  This is also the time to ask questions about their personal lives so that you can get to know them individually, their backgrounds and what motivates them as a person.

Sure, many of them are running for office to “make a contribution to society”, but what do they hope to accomplish at the end of their term?  Are they a career politician or do they have specific goals in mind?  The only way to separate the chaff from the wheat is to attend these “friendraising” events and ask the hard questions personally and directly to the candidates before they get sucked into an echo chamber.  Their answers will help you decide what is important to you and the direction that you think the party, and the country, should follow.  Remember – a well-educated Republican is eventually a well-educated and more powerful voter.