Proof Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Wrong for America

I knew Mike Root. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is no Mike Root. My uncle Mike Root died a few days ago. He was not only a great family man, but the personification of American exceptionalism. Mike proved the American Dream is real. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (aka AOC) is the socialist darling of the moment. You couldn’t […]

President Trump, Hold Your “State of the Union” at the Border.

President Trump invited me to the White House for a meeting about wall funding. What an honor. Unfortunately, the invitation came on 48-hours notice and I could not make it happen. So, I will give my counsel and advice right here and hope the President reads it loud and clear. First things first. I’ve found […]


I was going to write a column about the wall. It’s certainly the biggest issue in America. But I can end that debate quickly. President Trump should issue a simple challenge: “My fellow Democrats, I have a challenge for you. TEAR DOWN THAT WALL. I will end my demand for the wall today. But only […]

Tragic Lessons for Nevada GOP

So many of my fans tell me the greatest thing about my newspaper columns is that I motivate them. I give them energy, enthusiasm and hope- even when things look negative and depressing for the GOP. I was born for that role. However, I have some bad news for you. This will be the first […]

It’s Time for President Trump to Take Action- Executive Action

  It’s no secret that I believe we have a big problem in America. We have lost “election integrity.” It’s no secret that I believe massive voter fraud is going on across America- with Democrats winning races based on mysterious, magical ballots appearing out of nowhere. It’s no secret I believe illegal aliens are voting […]

It’s About the Voter Fraud, Stupid!

It turns out James Carville was wrong. It’s not “about the economy, stupid.” President Trump has created the greatest booming economy since Reagan. But this past election wasn’t “about the economy, stupid.” “It’s about the voter fraud, stupid.” As Stalin once said, what matters is who counts the votes.

The Great Harry Reid Scam Exposed

  Please ignore the advertising slogan “What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.” It’s not true. Las Vegas is the crossroads of America. What happens here is happening everywhere. So, I’ve uncovered the biggest liberal scam in America, going on right here in Las Vegas. It revolves around my home community in Henderson. I live […]

The Three Most Important Races in America

It’s all falling into place perfectly for the GOP nationally. There is no blue wave. There isn’t even a blue trickle. I predict a RED STORM. Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. Your behavior towards Brett Kavanaugh has turned off middle class America. A new CNN poll shows independents disapprove of Democrats’ handling of […]

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root