The elimination of standardized testing for the UC University System

The elimination of standardized testing for the UC University System will only lead to overt and radical schemes designed to reduce the number of Asian and White students in the UC System.  Standardized testing does not discriminate against minorities.  Eliminating a standardized testing requirement will only result in the admission of under-qualified students. See this […]

Former Senate Staffer Accuses Joe Biden of Sexual Assault

Joe Biden swore that he would nominate a woman to be his Vice President. But, that doesn’t mean Joe Biden’s record with women is clean. Joe Biden’s problems and hypocrisy continue to mount:

Avoiding Coronavirus about Washing Hands, Not Wearing Gloves

Stop wearing gloves to the grocery store as it gives you a false sense of security!  Wear masks instead to stay safe.  Here is what really happens when people wear gloves but don’t realize how infectious the coronavirus really is:

Trump Uses Persuasion, Not Force, in Coronavirus Crisis

When our founding fathers drafted the Constitution and Bill of Rights, it was done knowing that the “several states” were and will always be different from each other.  The reality is that different parts of our country are, well, DIFFERENT.  Social distancing is already practiced by citizens in South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and many of […]

Why are Republicans and Democrats So Divided over Coronavirus?

Obviously, we are a very badly divided nation. So divided, we agree on virtually nothing. So divided, we can’t even talk to each other anymore. So divided, one side doesn’t believe in anything the other side says. So divided California, New York, and Illinois might as well be on a different planet than Texas. We […]

Mr. President, Fight the Battle of the DC Swamp Creatures

Remember when Rahm Emanuel let the secret out of the bag, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Just days ago, South Carolina Democrat Congressman James Clyburn repeated almost the exact same words to his Democrat colleagues. Clyburn said, “this is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” Meaning he wants to […]

Mr. President, Follow the South Korean Model to Defeat Coronavirus

Great job, President Trump. You’ve done the impossible- you’ve turned perhaps worst crisis in USA history and one of darkest periods Americans have ever suffered, into a show of leadership and a jump in approval. The latest ABC News /IPSOS poll shows a dramatic turnaround. By 55% to 43% Americans approve of President Trump’s handling […]

Here’s How to Save America, Mr. President

All my life, four titles have best described me: Conservative, Libertarian, Capitalist, and Contrarian. Keeping those in mind, I have great questions and doubts about what roads have been chosen to combat Coronavirus. I think it’s our right and duty to ask questions in a free society. I just don’t know if this route was […]

I’m Betting on America. Are You?

I’m the ultimate positive thinker. I’m also very cynical. You can be both. My favorite saying is, “Expect the best, prepare for the worst.” So, I’m going to give you both sides of the Coronavirus story.   Let’s start with the bad. This is the worst mess of our lifetimes. The economy is hanging by […]

The Most Important Joe Biden Question in the World

Before I get to the most important Joe Biden question in the world… I have breaking news on the Trump economy. More economic numbers were out on Friday. The US economy gained a remarkable 273,000 new jobs in February. Far more than the 175,000 expected. But even more powerful news, December’s jobs report was revised […]

Ray Lehman

Ray Lehman

I am a lifelong flag waving, God fearing, Republican. My dedication to this great country comes from its very beginning. My ancestor was on the first ship to settle Jamestown in May of 1604. Another ancestor of the same bloodline is an American Patriot for his service during the Revolutionary War. I was raised in an Army Aviation officer’s family which contributes greatly to my love of country as built by its Founders. I am a recent citizen of Nevada moving to Las Vegas in September 2016 after 5 years of traveling this country in my motorhome.