7 fun facts about president's day nevada republican men's club

On the third Monday of February, our country celebrates President’s Day. A federal holiday since 1879, the holiday is meant to honor two of America’s greatest leaders: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. While many people look forward to President’s Day and its many festivities, few people know much about the history of the holiday or what kind of traditions are involved in typical President’s Day celebrations.

Here are seven fun facts about President’s Day.

1.   President’s Day isn’t Always Washington’s Birthday

Instead of making President’s Day on Washington’s actual birthday — February 22nd — the official holiday takes place on the third Monday of the month. However, when George Washington was still alive, the holiday was routinely held on his birthday and he even attended some of the celebrations.


2.   Lincoln is Not an Official Part of the Holiday

Although Lincoln is also celebrated on President’s Day, he has never been officially added to the holiday. Officially, the day is still called “Washington’s Birthday”. There have been several votes to formally change the name and to add Lincoln, but all of them have failed to pass.


3.   Traditional Foods

Unlike Memorial Day or Independence Day, the weather on President’s Day doesn’t generally lend itself to cook outs. However, there are some traditional foods to eat on the holiday. Many people choose to make cherry desserts for President’s Day as a homage to the famous story of George Washington and the cherry tree.


4.   Celebrating Washington’s Oratorical Tradition

Washington was known as a great speaker, and his farewell address is perhaps his most well-known speech. Dating back to 1888, Washington’s farewell address has been read into the Congressional record on February 22nd.


5.   President’s Day Means Great Deals

Out of all the events that most people associate with President’s Day, the one people are most familiar with is sales. The reason that President’s Day also comes with big sales events is that most retailers use the day to clear out their old stock to make room for the year’s newer items.


6.   Spelling is Key

The way that you spell “President’s Day” is an indicator of how you celebrate the holiday. If you place the apostrophe after the ‘t’, then it means you’re celebrating Washington alone. If you spell it “Presidents’ Day” with the apostrophe after the ‘s’, you’re including both presidents.


7.   States Are Free to Decide on Festivities

President’s Day is a federal holiday, which for many people means a day off work. However, despite its federal status, there is no set manner how states must celebrate the holiday. Each state is free to plan President’s Day festivities in whatever way they deem fit. States are also free to call the day whatever they wish, although most choose to stick with the traditional President’s Day.


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